The tobacco-free choice

A healthy nicotine feeling

LIFT Freeze nicotine bags give you a healthy and balanced nicotine experience with notes of peppermint and menthol. The different taste keeps you alert all day.

The tobacco-free choice

LYFT Freeze does not contain any tobacco at all. In each bag, you will find the perfect balance between taste and nicotine. The deliciously shaped bag sits comfortably under the lip and gives an even and nice release of taste. The extremely low risk of a runny nose means that you can feel safe all day.


Not for people under 18 years. LIFT contains nicotine which may be a very addictive substance.

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Reduced ways of consuming Nicotine pouches

Reduced ways of consuming

Launching into the market new ways of getting rid of tobacco is gaining attention
worldwide. Rightly pointed out by Transnational health organizations, being
addicted to tobacco is of no good to health but harm. People tend to quit the habit
of smoking and vaping, but the things went opposite when smoke-craving be a
reason for the disturbance. So, Nicotine Pouches are the real substitute.

People can take the nicotine pouches as the best alternative and for all those asking
can you swallow the nicotine pouches; it’s a kind of small bag to be placed
under your lips for a considerable time to end the smoke craving. Nicotine pouche are quite safe than the injurious smoke for human health.

Widely being asked that how many mg of nicotine is in one pouch, as
one cigarette contains about 10 to 12 mg of nicotine whereas one pouch
has about 4 mg of nicotine which is quite low. This low percentage of nicotine in a
small pouch made it effective for people seeking escape from smoking. From
where to buy the nicotine pouches is the only concern left and for this many
online nicotine pouches, brands are available among the commonly accepted
Lyft Freeze, Lyft Velo, Zyn, White Fox, Pose, Shiro from

And is the best alternative Website from where you can buy these products. it is also used in Denmark as snus.

When buying snus in Denmark consumers can find plenty of popular snus variants (slim, strong, extra strong) and brands with their own flavors.

if you don’t know about snus. simply click on that what is snus ??

Henceforth, a huge list of ways to reduce nicotine consumption lies in place but the
motivation and consistency left for the people planning to quit smoking. The
nicotine patches are there for help with no great effort.

Same taste without tobacco Lyft Freeze

Same taste without tobacco

LYFT follows the famous Epok snus. According to some, there is no noticeable difference. With a similar nicotine level and a wide scope of flavors, yet this time 100% tobacco-free. These nicotine sachets are a new era of snus: no more stained teeth, but high nicotine levels.

The best of both worlds! While LYFT is very different from traditional snus, the years of innovation are manifested in the change in form and portions. Another popular factor to consider is the environment. LYFT is produced in an environmentally friendly process and made from pine and eucalyptus fibers from Scandinavia.

LYFT nicotine sachets from Fiedler and Lundgren AB have a nicotine level of between 6 and 16 mg / g, depending on the strength you choose (strong or normal). The best part is that they have managed to maintain the same satisfying release of nicotine and aroma as any other traditional snus. I have to say it’s awesome! The white sachets stay white even after use and look exactly like traditional brown snus applied under the lip.

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This product does not contain tobacco. offers all sort of smokeless tobacco.

Purchasing modest Nicotine pouches is truly conceivable these days.

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Anyway, What are you up for?

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What are nicotine pouches?

Purchasing modest Nicotine pouches is truly conceivable these days. Particularly now that the without tobacco Nicotine pouches has gotten so massively well known, creation costs are diminishing further a lot. Suppliers are better than anyone might have expected ready to work cost-proficiently. As a client of the without tobacco Nicotine pouches, you receive the rewards of this.
Purchasing Nicotine pouches economically isn’t just conceivable, yet in addition truly fun. With the ascent in fame, there has additionally been an expansion in the various flavors accessible. This applies unequivocally, for instance, to an easy to understand the type of without tobacco Nicotine pouches; the nicotine pouches.
What are nicotine pouches?
Nicotine pouches are the most popular type of tobacco Nicotine pouches. As a reference, they don’t contain tobacco, with the goal that a wide range of related negative impacts at this point doesn’t make a difference. What is left is a nicotine pocket with an extremely inventive taste. There is an ever-increasing number of extraordinary flavors in the collection of Pouches in EUROPE added. You ought to consider, for instance:
Mixed drink flavors: Buying modest Nicotine pouches possibly turns out to be truly fun when you see alternatives like Lyft Freeze or Storm Ultra. Who might have figured you could attempt mixed drink seasoned Nicotine pouches? It is hence not in the slightest degree amazing that these kinds of flavor alternatives are very well known right now. Everybody is interested in how well it has prevailed with regards to mirroring the diverse mixed drink flavors.