Lyft Freeze Slim


Buy Lyft freeze snus snuff bags and have them delivered straight. Our fast system guarantees easy and cheap delivery throughout Europe. Explore our different brands and flavors if you are not sure which flavor to try? Try them all with this black package that is sure to please you. Place your first order online today



Buy Lyft freeze Snus from our website and have the products delivered. Our fast system guarantees easy delivery throughout Europe. Lyft freeze smokeless non-tobacco nicotine bags are made from high-quality leaves and roots which help to give a good feeling. Explore our large collection of brands and flavors. Place your order online today.
Lyft freeze is one of the famous brands of LYFT all-white part. With classic taste and premium quality. The product contains nicotine 11 mg / g, which helps to give Great Sensation.
We have the finest Snus brands, which you can easily buy from our website. We offer the best snus price of all brands. You can always choose different varieties and make your own 10 cans to try something new whenever you want. Do you miss your favorite brand or taste? Just choose your favorite and place an order through our snus webshop
These bags are the definition of a new snuff era, no more coated teeth, but with high levels of nicotine. Another common factor to consider is the environment. LYFT is made using an environmentally friendly process and fibers from Scandinavian pines and eucalyptus leaves
The best part is that they have managed to maintain the same satisfying release of nicotine and flavor as any other traditional snuff. I have to say, it’s impressive! LYFT Freeze nicotine bags remain white even after use and feel exactly like a traditional brown snuff under the lip.

Content Weight: 16.8g
NICOTINE 11 mg / g


SIZE: slim


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